Endodontic Root Canal Surgery

If you are suffering from severe root canal pain, you may need endodontic surgery. Oral hygiene goes hand in hand with your overall health. Taking care of your mouth is essential in preventing bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. Neglecting the state of your oral hygiene can cause tooth loss, increasing the odds as you age. A correlation has been found between having an unhealthy mouth and the risk of developing serious health problems, such as heart attack, stroke, poorly controlled diabetes and preterm labor. If you are suffering from severe root canal pain, root canal surgery may be necessary. Search root canal help in Woodmere, NY to find a great root canal surgeon on Long Island.

If your symptoms are severe or you have had endodontic therapy that failed, root canal surgery or an apicoectomy might be necessary. Endodontic surgery could be the last option in saving your tooth in a variety of situations. If your symptoms persist, but your x-ray shows zero signs, your tooth could have a small fracture that was undetected during nonsurgical treatment. Surgery gives the surgeon the ability to examine the entire root of the tooth, finding and treating the problem. It is possible for calcium deposits to sometimes collect, making a canal too narrow for nonsurgical instruments to reach the end of the root. If this occurs, surgery is needed in order to clean and seal the remainder of the canal.

The most common endodontic surgery is an apicoectomy. This surgery involves opening the gum tissue near the tooth in order to examine the underlying bone. Endodontists then remove any inflamed or infected tissue, including the end of the root. After removing tissue, in addition to a few stitches or sutures placed in the gingiva, a small filling may be placed in the root to seal the end of the canal. It requires several months for the bone to completely heal around the end of the root.

Other possible endodontic surgeries involve dividing the tooth in half, repairing an injured root, and removing roots. In specific cases, intentional replantation is necessary, extracting the tooth and treating it with an endodontic procedure while out of the mouth. The tooth is then inserted back into the socket. The only other alternative to endodontic therapy or surgery is complete extraction of the tooth, replacing it with a dental implant. In order to avoid any further complications, search root canal help in Woodmere, NY to find a root canal surgeon on Long Island.