Possible Root Canal Complications

If you are suffering from tooth pain or a root fracture, you may need endodontic treatment. Endodontic treatment can be surgical or nonsurgical, depending on the severity. If you have a root canal infection, and are going to get endodontic therapy or surgery, you could see root canal complications, such as pain after root canal. If mind-numbing tooth pain becomes normal, look up endodontic help in Woodmere, NY in order to find an endodontist surgeon on Long Island.

Oral hygiene and your overall health go hand in hand. Taking care of your mouth is essential in preventing bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. Ignoring oral hygiene can increase the chances of tooth loss as you age. A correlation has been found between having an unhealthy mouth and the risk of developing serious health problems, such as heart attack, stroke, poorly controlled diabetes and preterm labor. If you are suffering from severe root canal, pain root canal surgery may be necessary.

If a root canal infection is left untreated and undiagnosed, serious root canal complications can develop. The three types of endodontic abscess are dentoalveolar, periodontal, and gingival abscesses. If left untreated you may experience possible complications that include osteomyelitis of the mandible, maxillary sinusitis and orbital abscess, wound botulism, Ludwig’s angina, necrotizing fasciitis, cavernous sinus thrombosis, pulmonary abscess, brain abscess and acute meningitis. These complications can become extremely severe and lead to cancers and other life-threatening ailments. Your mouth is the gateway to your over-all health. A damaged or infected mouth can directly affect other aspects of your health.

For most people, endodontic therapy or surgery helps save the tooth with no complications. However, there are cases in which patients experience problems as a result of or after treatment. A root canal involves cleaning and repairing the root of the tooth. Therefore, it is common to experience some pain for a few days following the procedure. The pain after root canal shouldn’t be too severe, ranging from a dull ache to a sharp pain. If some bacteria is left after the canal is cleaned, it can re-grow, resulting in the return of tooth pain. If it is more than one root that is causing the problem, and one of the canals is missed during the cleaning process, you will likely need to repeat the root canal. This is more complicated due to the extra work required to remove all the fillings and crowns covering the tooth.

If you are suffering from a root canal infection or root fracture, you should seek medical attention immediately in order to avoid any further complications. Search endodontic help in Woodmere, NY to find an endodontist surgeon on Long Island.