Root Canal Post Surgery

After root canal surgery, a tooth may feel uncomfortable or exhibit a dull ache. This should subside within a week. Post root canal symptoms may include:

  • The tooth will be sensitive to biting pressure and may feel loose because of the sensitivity of tissue nerve endings outside the root end. This feeling should not last long.
  • A depression or rough area may be felt where access was made. A soft temporary material has been placed in that area and may wear away before the next visit.
  • Rarely, a small ‘bubble’ or ‘pimple’ may appear on the gum tissue within a few days after a root canal. This represents the release of pressure and bacteria and should disappear within a few days.

To lessen pain from a root canal, patients should:

  • Take an anti-inflammatory pain reliever, like Ibuprofen, within an hour or two after the root canal
  • Try to chew on the side opposite of tooth after the root canal until a crown or onlay is placed, or until the tooth is restored. Avoid chewing gum, caramels, or other sticky, soft candy after a root canal, which could dislodge the temporary material from the root canal or fracture your tooth.
  • Call your general dentist for an appointment to do the restorative work on the root canal tooth.